5 Ways to Stop Smoking

Many people dream of quitting smoking, but they don’t succeed. Some repeat Mark Twain’s fate, quitting the bad habit only to start again some time later. In fact, this process requires a scientific approach. Everyone knows that smoking is harmful. And if the smoker is not even aware of it, he is sure to be reminded of it by cigarette packages, showing the terrible consequences of smoking. Some countries have even decided to dye cigarette packages in nauseating colors. It would seem – a lot of reasons to break up with a bad habit.

However, every smoker has his own reason, or even a few, why he can’t quit smoking. Someone believes that in this way he removes stress, someone is afraid to gain weight, and some even believe that the abrupt cessation of smoking is dangerous to health. Whether these are true or myths, the health benefits of quitting smoking altogether far outweigh the hypothetical temporary inconvenience. There are a huge number of ways to quit smoking, some of them more effective, others less so. For example, you can buy medication at https://farma-shop.best/. But doctors recommend choosing the method in which the smoker is most confident and which suits him best.

Effective ways to stop smoking

  1. Approximately 75% of those who quit smoking do it without any help – they don’t call a specialist, they don’t take medications. In spite of the “popularity” of this method, it cannot be called completely effective – only 4-7% of smokers can finish the job.
  2. Behavioral therapy. This method is based on active work with a specialist in cognitive-behavioral therapy (that is, a psychologist) and the joint search for a way to complete cessation of smoking. Together with the specialist, the smoker looks for so-called “triggers” – situations in which the person has a particularly acute craving for nicotine, then a plan is made to eliminate these “triggers” from his life.
  3. Substitution therapy. We’ve all heard of nicotine gum, patches, lollipops, sprays and other forms of alternative nicotine use, all of which are nicotine replacement therapy. This type of therapy delivers nicotine to the body in a way other than tobacco. That method is usually combined with behavioral therapy and serious support from loved ones. In many cases, people stop smoking. But doctors say that such therapy may leave nicotine addiction, only its form will change.
  4. Innovative therapy. There are modern therapies for smoking cessation, which can prescribe a doctor. For example, nicotine-free nicotine addiction medications that block specific receptors in the brain, and gradually the addiction goes away, while not causing such a strong withdrawal syndrome, which is so frightening to the smoker. You can buy proven medication at https://farma-shop.best/stop-smoking/.
  5. Combined Approach. Using several methods can greatly increase the chances of success. For example, innovative and behavioral therapies will work better than visiting a psychologist alone. But each combination should be discussed individually with the doctor.

And here are some more important tips from the experts. One of the main stages of the successful fight against addiction – a clear plan of action. It is necessary to appoint a day of quitting smoking, by which the smoker is ready to give up nicotine. It is necessary to tell his friends and family about his intentions, and ask for their support. If the friends and family members are smokers, try to offer them to give up together, it would be easier. Be sure to get rid of the spare packs of cigarettes at work, at home and in the car, and all ashtrays. Find your “triggers” and find a way to deal with them without the aid of a cigarette.